DIY Projects

Astronomy is a great hobby for those of you with a love of DIY. There are a number of sites which can help.

Rod Nabholz at Home Built Astronomy
An excellent site for DIY astro ideas, from homemade telescopes to eyepiece cases.

Shoestring Astronomy by Doug Anderson
Another great resource for ideas, including a folding observing chair and a simple Ronchi focuser.

Frugal Astronomy from Eyes on the Sky
David Fuller’s site has some good DIY tripod and mount ideas.

Portabowl Telescope

PortaBowl Telescope [pdf]
This home-made sub-$100 telescope, designed by Jay Scheuerle with its unique “salad bowl” mount, has prompted more queries and conversations than any other piece of equipment I own.

Its a proper scope too, an f8 4½” reflector, and it’s the perfect height for kids. What are you waiting for?

What the people at Stellafane don’t know about building a telescope, ain’t worth knowing.They hold a competition each year to find the best designs, and you’ll find them all on here.

DIY Projects and how-to guides for getting the most out of your astronomy equipment and experience.

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