Astro Sketching

Mark Radice’s Refreshing Views
Here you will find a variety of articles and photos that describe my hobby. Putting these together allows me to share the experiences that have given my such joy and fun under the night sky (and sometimes a great deal of frustration!)

FJ Astronomy – Deep Sky Observing
Faith Jordan’s site contains her drawings and written descriptions, based on her observations of deep sky objects, trips he has made and articles she has written.

Sketching Forms

We have a variety of blank sketching templates for you to download and use. The first is based on Mark Radice’s preferred format – simple and to the point:

Simple Sketching Form (pdf)

The next three are all courtesy of Rod Nabholz at Home Built Astronomy – an excellent site for DIY astro ideas.

Simple Sketching Log (pdf)

Detailed Sketching Log (pdf)

Solar Sketching Log (pdf)

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