Meeting Locations

We normally meet in one of the local pubs before heading out to observe:

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Depending on where we are observing we will meeting at the Rose and Crown, Tilshead, SP3 4RX:


The Ship Inn, Upavon, SN9 6EA:


Or the Red Lion, Kilmington, BA12 6RP:


Meeting at a friendly pub saves the need to hire a hall or room – and we try and meet for a social chat even if the weather is bad. We observe at various sites around and on the Plain, many of which require MOD permission to visit. Our group includes people who have been trained to use the Plain safely and are permitted in restricted areas. If you are a registered user of the site you can view our observing location map. If you aren’t, but would like to join us for a meeting, please email us first to let us know you’re coming. That way we can manage numbers and give you directions to join us.

2 thoughts on “Meeting Locations

  1. Hi Guys and Gals. I’ve been really interested in astronomy for more years than I’d like to remember and was given your name by a local guy. I don’t actually own a scope yet, but that could change overnight if I could come along to one of your shindigs and get started. I openly wept when I heard of our hero and mentor. What a wonderful man and ambassador. He will be sadly miss by all. I wait with baited breath for your reply. Cheers.

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