Observing alert: Sat 7th December at Tilshead

First, the bad news… according to the nice people running the STEREO sun-monitoring satellite, “The STEREO HI-1 instrument has limiting mag ~m13.5. The dust cloud we know as Comet #ISON is barely visible in those images now…”. So I think we will be standing down on any visual observing of ISON.

But never mind! We have a full sky of other things to look at, so we will be meeting this Saturday night for an observing session. The session will be at our Tilshead site – meet at the Rose and Crown, Tilshead at 8pm, all welcome! Please let us know if you’re coming so we don’t leave anyone behind.

Comet ISON: possible observing over next few days

I’m sure you’ve all been following the nail-biting rollercoaster ride of comet ISON at Perihelion; at one point feared dead, it now appears that SOMETHING has survived the gravitational and heat stresses. Whether this means we will be able to see the aftermath is anyone’s guess; all we know right now is that a bright remnant is maintaining its predicted path away from the sun.

Some current video from SOHO:

SOHO timelapse

And even more incredible footage from STEREO:

We are likely to be arranging ad-hoc observing, both in morning and evening as the comet and weather allows. The first session is likely to be Saturday night. The best way to get involved with this if you want to is to join our facebook group. Alternatively email us through our contact form and we’ll hook up with you.