Homebrew Filter Slide

I recently acquired a lovely new Moonlite CR1 focuser for my Dob at a bargain price courtesy of First Light Optics, who are having a clearance sale. The Moonlite system is great in that it has a modular approach, with spacers added under the filter until the required extension is achieved. However I found that the focus point for my scope was right at the limit of the supplied spacers, and that another few mm was needed. At the same time, I noticed that Moonlite also sell a filter slide, which attaches inside the tube. Unfortunately this cannot be used on my scope as the spider vane lines up with the focuser. In any case I couldn’t justify $150 for such a simple assembly. I realised that I could use the design of the Moonlite focuser to my advantage, and build a filter slide, allowing nebulae such as the Veil to be blinked in and out, while providing the extra extension to give me focus in all my eyepieces.

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Binocular Parallelogram Mount

Last summer was my first as an amateur stargazer, and I confess I found it rather frustrating not having anything much to look at. So in my usual fashion I started to get Garage Project Syndrome and was looking for something to make.

Then I visited fellow SPOGger Mark Radice, who had prototyped a binocular mount for his giant bins and showed how simple it was. Well, clearly this would not do – I had to try my hand at one.

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Astro DIY: Homemade Telrad Dewshield

I’ve got a secret love my wife doesn’t know about: I’m in love with my Telrad. It transformed  my 10″ dob when I first got it, and I would literally be lost without it. But there’s one problem: at some point in the evening, I inevitably find myself wiping buckets of dew off the glass.

I tried a couple of solutions; first I wired up a homemade dew heater using high wattage resistors – but it didn’t work. Then I tried Rod Nabholz’s homemade dewshield; that worked, but kept getting knocked off by the barbeque cover I use to keep the dust off the scope when its stored in the garage.

So I needed a more robust solution. There are several available on the market, but whenever I’m confronted with a website asking £30 for a couple of pieces of plastic my response is always the same: get out the tools and make it myself.

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