Plain Astronomy – the new SPOG Magazine

We’ve just published the first issue of Plain Astronomy, the new SPOG quarterly magazine.  This issue  features observing reports, Do It Yourself astronomy, book reviews, lunar notes and some deep sky notes.  Thanks are due to the contributors and those imagers who allowed us to use images.  The striking cover image of Stonehenge and Hale Bopp is used by very kind permission of Mr Philip Perkins of Astrocruise.

The magazine is available as a PDF (download here) or through Issuu where it can be read online.  Issuu is currently developing an Iphone/IPad reader so by the next issue we should be available on these too.

The next issue will be out around the end of June so do please send any observations, images, amateur telescope making ideas or just plain interesting things to do with astronomy.

User registration added – become a SPOG author

As part of our website development we have now opened up the registration process so that friends of SPOG can get an account and create articles for the site. If you would like to get involved simply click this link or click the “register” link at top left of the site:

Once you have submitted your registration details we will review and approve your request  – this is necessary to prevent spammers from gaining a foothold on the site. If we don’t recognise your email address don’t be offended if we get in touch to check who you are!

Once you have been approved you will be sent login details and you will be able to post relevant articles. Using wordpress is really easy, but we will email you a short user guide to help you get started.

Site Comments – now open to all

In order to encourage more interaction on our website, I have changed the configuration so that anyone can post a comment on an article, whether they have a site login or not. Even if you do have a login you won’t need to be logged in to comment. With any luck this might encourage some of the people we saw at stargazing live to get involved.

Comment on a post

To comment on a post or page, just click on the speech bubble at top left of the post or page. The first time you do this you will be asked to provide a name and email address. From then on this will be filled in for you each time you comment.

All comments will be moderated, so a comment won’t appear until one of the admins has approved it – this should prevent any spammers from getting through. Any new comments are notified to me via email and also the wordpress app on my phone, so comments should be moderated pretty quickly.

Please feel free to try this new system, and let me know what you think.